FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I schedule a Swift Cars pickup?

We have made sure that you can book a car in a manner that is the most convenient for you.

Visit our website:

Download our free Android and iOS mobile app: Link

Call us at: +1-800-348-7943

Q: In which cities does Swift Cars provide its service?

We offer our premium and privately chauffeured black car service in San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago.

Q: Do you have a Cancellation Policy?

Yes, Swift Cars has a Cancellation Policy – you can read all about it here.

Q: Is gratuity included?

You can always tip the drivers at your discretion.

Q: Is there a Waiting Time charge?

There is a complimentary 15-minute wait period free of charge, after which we charge $1/minute of wait time.

Q: Can I pay the ride directly to my driver?

Drivers don’t accept cash or credit card payments for the ride. This doesn’t relate to the gratuity and tips for the driver which aren’t obligatory and are always at your discretion. We collect your payment information during the booking process and after the completed ride we process the payment.

Q: Is there a receipt for the ride?

You will receive a detailed receipt up to 48 hours after the ride. If this isn’t the case, please contact our Customer Support. You can always review all your scheduled and past rides by opening an account with Swift Cars.

Q: Can I smoke in Swift Cars vehicles?

Smoking isn’t allowed in Swift Cars vehicles.

Q: What about the passenger and luggage capacity for your vehicles?

You can see the passenger and vehicle capacity for each type of vehicle we offer by clicking on this link.