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Why Should I Become a Driver with SwiftCars?

If you are a curious, hard-working, and responsible individual, with a keen interest in driving and customer service, becoming a driver seems like the most logical choice. On top of that, it’s an excellent opportunity to earn good money, meet new people, explore Chicago and the surrounding area, and develop professionally! In case you are not stationed in Chicago but are looking for opportunities in other cities, SwiftCars is offering Nationwide services, so check them out! An extra benefit of applying for the position is that experience is not mandatory, but it is an advantage.

What Makes an Ideal Candidate for the Job?

The ideal candidate for the position of a driver with SwiftCars is a self-motivated, committed, and reliable individual with outstanding communication skills and clean appearance. Here are just a few prerequisites all applicants should take into consideration before applying. You should have:

     • A Driver’s License
     • Clean Police record: Candidates with DUI or DW punishments and penalties won’t be processed
     • General knowledge of Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, New York, Boston, Minneapolis (depending on the city you are applying for)
     • Great communication skills
     • A clean appearance and appropriate dressing manners
     • Good driving record
     • You should be at least 21 years of age or older

NOTE: Being voted the best black car company near me by everyone who’s used our services, SwiftCars expects everyone in the company to stay collectively focused on maintaining this reputation. How so? Basically, if you hope to become a driver with us and build a career in this company, you are to keep SwiftCar’s good name alive with your behavior and customer commitment. Sounds reasonable? Sure!

Talk to us today, and join the team of people who have been making people feel good in their black cars for years!

About Swift Cars

At SwiftCars, every employee matters because everything we do is focused on the clients we serve in every corner of the globe.

With our award winning app, world class website and exceptional customer contact centers, we seamlessly connect our vast network of professional and licensed black car drivers with discerning clients who value their time, value their safety and appreciate great customer service. Passionate about driving, and looking to turn it into a career? Why not! SwiftCars is opening positions for drivers to become part of SwiftCars team of experienced professionals, and YOU could easily be one of them!