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How to view Boston: Why Boston is America’s Best City

With nearly four centuries of history, Boston is not only one of U.S.’s oldest cities but also a city known for everything from fabulous cultural landmarks like the Paul Revere House and Boston Common to exceptional cuisine (hey, baked beans, what&r

With nearly four centuries of history, Boston is not only one of U.S.’s oldest cities but also a city known for everything from fabulous cultural landmarks like the Paul Revere House and Boston Common to exceptional cuisine (hey, baked beans, what’s up!) and Red Sox.

Although blowing through your budget is super easy in Boston, there are always ways to find interesting things to do and see for far less money or none at all. Say you target the lively Faneuil Hall Marketplace and the lovely Boston Public Garden today – you wouldn’t spend a penny, and you’d still have an amazing time!

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For all of you coming to Boston for the first time, you simply must try Boston’s famous baked beans, check out The Boston Marathon (or run it if you are in town on the third Monday of April!), and see Fenway Park. Other than these, if you dig just a little deeper below the surface, you’ll be amazed by an enormous wealth of sights, attractions, cultural rudiments and historically important elements that make Boston as glorious as it is.

Since Boston consistently ranks as one of America’s “best of” cities, here’s a list of a few reasons as to why that is:

Boston is America's Best City

A City of Firsts

Aside from being one of the oldest U.S. cities, Boston is also the city of first important architectural solutions:

  •        • 1634 – Boston Common, the first public park;
  •        • 1635 – Boston Latin, the first public school;
  •        • 1897 – the Tremont Street Subway, the first subway system in the nation;
  •        • The first telephone, inoculation, and the first industrial arts school

Speaking of some newer firsts, there’s Facebook (only the first and most relevant social media network out there!), and the Big Dig, which set a model for smart urban planning around the globe. Let’s not forget about research institutions like Harvard, MIT, and Tufts as well as thousands of digital startups that are running successful businesses from this very city.

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All Things Health, Wellness and Happiness

Regardless of being one of the busiest cities in the U.S., Boston is still beaming with charm and soul, allowing for serendipitous connections, chill downtime, and relaxed enjoyment with friends and family.

With its network of bike paths, extensive public transit, and abundant park space Boston will not only help keep you in tip-top shape (with so many running, biking, and walking tracks who wouldn’t look smashing!) but it’ll also be a major factor in improving your social life. Oh, and here’s another interesting fact – the American Fitness Index named Boston one in its top ten fittest U.S. cities, quoting “more public parks, playgrounds, and farmers markets per capita than [their] target goal for a healthy city.” Add super convenient access to numerous teaching hospitals in the country, and you’ll realize Boston is one happy, healthy, and wise city to call home.

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Exceptionally Organized Transportation

How do you get around in Boston? – the question on every visitor’s mind finds itself answered in two simple syntagma – either by car or public transportation.

Bostonians love their comfort in check which has made black car near me services super popular in the last decade. With a few very reliable city companies like SwiftCars, visitors and locals alike are getting affordable everyday rides to and from, well, pretty much anywhere. Competent and skilled Swift drivers know their way around the city, expertly taking the clients from point A to point B to give them the most exceptional black car near my location experience.

Another great thing about booking SwiftCar’s Boston town car service is that you can organize the nearest airport transportation to Boston Logan International Airport or back (home) from it, at very convenient rates, enjoying a fleet of cars that will blow your mind.

Known for its beaming business opportunities, Boston has become one of the hottest epicenters of entrepreneurship, bringing a lot of foreigners and out-of-towners to the city. If you are one of them, or you are host to the big shots, booking the nearest corporate car ride in the area for those big important meetings, impressing clients, or enjoying your own time to the meeting seems like the most logical choice.

If you are more on an I’d-rather-take-public-transportation side, then using Boston’s T (a popular name for the subway), water taxis, ferries, commuter rails, and buses are your go-to. Is Boston safe for tourists? It is, but you should be careful just as you’d be with any other big city.

Boston Quality of Life

Quality of Life

Boston is known as the city with the high quality of life, at least based on Deutsche Bank’s estimate, ranking Boston the eighth best city in the world in terms of quality of life. Additionally, The Athens of America is one of the healthiest cities in the country, too featuring the option for family activities such as The New England Aquarium all while boosting a super strong local economy and the highest per capita art funding.

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How to know if a city is right for you? In the case of Boston, if you are into cultural and artsy delights, this is the city for you, for sure. With distinguished institutions like The Boston Symphony Orchestra, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Berklee School of Music, and Huntington Theatre Company all calling Boston their home, there is always a plethora of things to enjoy and appreciate about this wonderful city. Since the city is very well organized in terms of its infrastructure, booking a black car near me for a special occasion you want to go to with your friends, or a regular hourly ride to go around is more than possible!

The quality of a city’s life is also measured by its educational system, and the fact Boston ranked 8th in the entire world for Best Student Cities in 2017 is proof enough this is the city that invests in its youth’s education and well-being. After all, there is a reason why Boston’s nickname the Athens of America still rings true, isn’t there?

Thinking of moving to Boston or just coming here for a visit? You should! With so many things to see and do, you’ll never be bored, and your quality of life will majorly improve. Study, work, engage in the arts, go for walks or runs, and when you need a breather, sit in a black car nearby and go have a snack in any of Boston’s gorgeous eateries!